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Kirby's Muse Box
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Now, Now, How did you go about finding this community? Well, since you did, I might as well tell you what it's about.

This community is basically for all my Role Playing Muses in order for me to keep them alive and active a bit. In a nutshell it's pretty much me talking to me using my muses. Here they can rant or amuse themselves by talking to one another about what's happening in their current RP. That is, things they wouldn't be able to post in the RP.

It's mainly for my own muses but if you'd like to join in, that's fine too. Just join the community I suppose with your character's journal and heck even your own if you feel like talking back to your muses or me. XD


Muse list

Ichimaru Gin (a_mishief_grin)over at memento_eden
Abarai Renji (lj user="barking_stray") over at memento_eden
Lelouch Lamperouge (prince_zer0) over at memento_eden